Are you a limited partner in a wind farm?
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BGZ Fondsverwaltung GmbH has been successfully operating as a commercial service provider for operating companies in the field of renewable energies since 1998. The Husum-based experts take care of all matters relating to the energy farms entrusted to you throughout the entire service life of the installations. In particular, their focus is always on the representation of the interests of the owners and limited partners.

Currently, the BGZ Fondsverwaltung team manages more than 50 wind and solar farms and, with that, supports some 4,500 limited partners as well as numerous institutional investment companies and community-owned wind farms.

Specialised in the professional economic conception and competent commercial administration of operating companies, the team draws on the know-how of highly experienced experts. The tried and tested network of the in-house team includes well-versed engineers, lawyers as well as tax and financial experts.

Operational management

Within the commercial administration of wind and solar farms, BGZ Fondsverwaltung is the linking element between all parties involved in farm operation. We take care of all services related to commercial operations management, from contract management and liquidity planning and control to the observance and implementation of new legal requirements.

Continued operation concepts

We support you in the repowering of your wind farm. This measure is based on a completely new project concept, and the approval procedure is routinely carried out so that the cycle starts all over again. By way of repowering, the generation of electricity can be multiplied with a reduced number of wind turbines.

If repowering is not economically attractive or not possible, we will show you ways to continue operating your existing wind farm at attractive conditions. Due to the discontinuation of the EEG remuneration, plant operators are exposed, for example, to fluctuating market prices in direct marketing. We ensure that the power purchase prices are fixed for a period in advance (annually), which ensures stabilised earnings.