Repowering _

The replacement of old installations with new and more powerful turbines is the unrivalled supreme discipline of project development. Challenges in terms of planning and corporate law, the comparatively long implementation period of the measures, height restrictions and the most various economic aspects make repowering a very complex task.

Numerous companies offer repowering services. But common backyard knowledge is by no means sufficient here. Specialised experience in development, far-reaching knowledge of corporate law, and the exact classification of statutory framework conditions are prerequisites for successful repowering. The ongoing observance of all changes, whether in federal or local policies, is also a particular challenge.

Difficult enough – but aspects such as a lack of acceptance amongst the population (“No turbine is to be taller than our church steeple”), a lack of agreement in the communes and the question of when the optimal point in time for repowering is given also arise. And then there is another interesting question: What happens to the old installations after a repowering measure?